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Third Party Claims

Have you been injured while working by the negligence of a person or company which does not also work for your employer?

                If, so, then you may have a third party civil liability claim as well as your workers compensation case.

Third Party Liability cases come from a variety of sources and happen in a variety of ways but must always be caused by another's negligence.

Mechanism of Injury

There are many ways a third party liability case can occur, the following is only a small sampling of the many ways a third party liability injury can occur:

>  An injured worker was rear-ended by a negligent driver on the highway

>  An injured worker stumbles and falls over electric cords left in the hallway by an outside

    cleaning crew

>  An injured worker suffers a hand injury because the saw that he is using malfunctions

>  An injured worker suffers a back injury when a forklift driver who works for a temp agency 

     rams into him 

>  An injured worker reports to his workers compensation doctor and falls on the wet slippery


>  An injured worker was sexually harassed at her work by a supplier's salesman who delivered

    products at her work station

>  An injured worker suffered an injury when the safety break on his rig failed to work.

>  An injured worker suffered an injury when he tripped over a tree root between the employee 

     parking lot and the building in which he worked

>  An injured worker suffered an injury when a crane from a subcontractor dropped some

     building material on his head.

>  An injured worker suffered a head injury when the subcontractor's scaffolding he was

    standing on collapsed

>  An injured wrker suffered an injury when he fell through the door a cherry picker when the

    latch gave way

Body Parts Injured

Any of these mechanisms of injury can give rise to all the same body parts:

Orthopedic Injuries

>  Back work injury                     >  Knee work injury                     >  Shoulder work injury

>  Wrist work injury                    >  Neck work injury                     >  Hip work injury

>  Foot work injury                      >  Elbow work injury                   >  Ankle work injury

>  Sacrum work injury                 > Hand work injury                      >  Finger work injury

>  Leg work injury                       >  Arm work injury                       > Plantar fasciitis work injury

Psychiatric Injuries and Neurological Injuries

> Sexual harassment  work injury     >  Verbal abuse work injury          >  Workplace harassment 

> Overwork work injury                    >  Brain injury                               >  Closed head trauma

> Discrimination  work injury           >  Depressive work injury             >  Panic Attack work injury

> Post Traumatic Stress Disorder       >  PTSD work injury                    >  Pain medicine addiction

> Drug Addiction work injury            >  Alcohol Abuse  work injury    >  Sleep Disorder work injury

> Anxiety work injury                        >  Anger management injury       >  Emotional symptoms of pain

> Inability to perform regular duites  > Inability to participate socially > Inability to concentrate

>  Cognitive deficiencies                    > Mood swings                            > Lack of concentration / focus

Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurological Injuries

>  Mood changes                                   >  Anger                                        >  Fatigue

>  Headaches                                         >   Speech difficulties                   >  Cognitive difficulties

>  Ringing in your ears                          >  Amnesia                                   >  Memory Loss

>  Loss of Concentration                       >  Weakness                                  >  Insomnia

>  Paranoia                                            >  Confusion                                 >  Isolationism

>  Lack of Appetite                               >  Self mutilation                          >  Suicidal

>  Open head / closed head trauma       >  Trouble managing life skills     > Inappropriate actions

>  Inappropriate responses                    >  Chemical/ Toxic Exposures      >  Infections

>  Poor judgment                                   >  Slowed thinking                        >  Seizures

Internal  Injuries


>  Puncture wound work injury      >  Crushed lungs                        > Appenditis

>  Gastrointestinal work injury       >  Breathing difficulties             > Heart Palpitations

>  High Blood Pressure                   >  Aggravation of Diabetes        > Heart Attack

>   Stroke                                         >  Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT > Irritable Bowel Syndrome

>  Aggravation of Liver Disease     >  Aggravation of Kidney Ds     > Internal Bleeding

>  Ulcers                                          >  Asthma work injury                > Reactive Airway Disease

>  HIV Needle Pricks                      > Contagious Diseases             

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