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Construction Injuries

Have you suffered a work related construction injury?

                  You need our strong and determined lawyers to fight for you.


If you have suffered a construction injury while working,  you have suffered a workers compensation injury. The insurance company is obligated to provide you with treatment and other benefits when you have a work related injury. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are not necessarily generous participants.

Sadly, the  insurance companies must often be forced to provide the benefits the law requires.

Shandler & Associates has been representing injured workers since 1982. We are experienced, tough, and unrelenting.  W e have been negotiating good settlements for our clients for several years and when necessary, we take cases to trial  to ensure that our clients get the benefits they deserve. We are here to maximize the benefits you receive. 

Construction Work Injuries

Common mechanisms of injury  include all the following and so many more:

     > Construction injury from scaffolding accidents

     > Construction injury from falls from planks

     >  Construction injury from crane accidents

     >  Constructions injury from falling materials, tools, equipment

     >  Construction injury from a co-worker  not paying attention

     >  Construction injury from co-worker not following directions

     >  Construction injury from falling down stairwells

     >  Construction injury from falling from roofs

     >  Construction injury from cutting corners and not taking all safety precautions

     >  Construction injury from failing to wear protective clothing

     >  Construction injury from electrocution or electrical accidents

     >  Construction injury from defective machinery

     >  Construction injury from negligent operation of the forklift

     >  Construction injury from being hit by piping, 2x4s, rebar, and other materials

Closed Head Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Constuction injuries involving the head can lead to closed head injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Head injuries are not always immediately apparent. Sometimes injured workers notice the effects of a head injury overtime. Some of the symptoms that an injured worker should be aware of are as follows:




Sometimes, traumatic brain injuries involve a third party civil liability case which can add to the recovery from the workers compensation case.  When another person's or company's negligence caused your traumatic brain injury you may have a civil case against that perpetrator.

Fatal Workers Compensation Injury Attorney


If your loved one has been injured on the job and has died, you may have an intervivos and/or a death claim against your loved one's employer. The law requires your employer to provide benefits, with some exceptions,  to the deceased employee's (injured worker) natural and adopted children, spouses, grandchildren, partners, and dependents. 

Shandler & Associates is happy to guide you through the often complicated and obstacle ridden journey of obtaining workers compensation benefits which you deserve.  We are here to help you, please call us at

1-800-666-6666 for an appointment for a free consultation.

>  Fatigue

>  Confusion

>  Cognitive deficiencies

>  Amnesia

>  Depression

>  Hearing voices

>  Mood swings

>  Headaches

>  Pain

>  Memory Loss

>  Weakness

>  Irritability

>  Ringing in the ears

>  Personality Changes

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