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Denied Workers Compensation Lawyers

Denied Injuries / Claims

Have you made a claim that has been denied?

                                 You need a dedicated attorney fighting for you.

Shandler & Associates has been representing injured workers since 1982. We estimate that half of the cases over the years have been denied. A denied claim simply means that the insurance company is not voluntarily admitting that the worker was injured.  It may be very obvious to the injured worker that they were indeed injured at work and that they should be receiving workers compensation benefits.  It will probably be very obvious to us too. The insurance company, however, will deny a case if they have any possible legitimate way to do so. 

If your case is denied, this is not fatal nor a final determination of the merits of your case. However, the workers compensation system can be difficult to navigate when the insurance company admits a claim, it is much more difficult to navigate when the case is denied. 

You need an experienced, strong, and persistent attorney advocating on your behalf and fighting the position of the insurance company.  Shandler & Asssociates is determined to successfully resolve denied injuires in favor of the injured worker. 

There are many reasons a claim may be denied and many more ways to show that the injury occurred. The success of a denied claim depends upon the facts of the case. We need to review the facts of your particular case.  If you would like Shandler & Associates to fight and win for you,

                please call us at 1-800-666-6666 for an appointment for a free consultation.

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