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ARE YOU OVERWORKED OR HAVE YOU OVERUSED CERTAIN BODY PARTS TO THE POINT OF PAIN?                        You Need Our Dominant and Tenacious Legal Team on YOUR side. 

Overwork in the following ways (and many others):

        1   lifting, carrying or holding weights too heavy for you

        2   working at such a rapid rate that you not sustain that pace

        3   working long hours

        4   working without lunch period or mid-morning and/or mid-sfternoon breaks

        5   being required to work overtime

        6   pushing and/or pulling  weights that are too heavy for you

        7   working in extreme weather conditions

        8   having to use one body part excessively

        9   having to throw frequently or throw heavy items

These types of injuries are very common and may actually be the most common work injury. The problem is that many workers continue to work, take over the counter medications, modify how they work to reduce their pain, but never actually give their bodies a chance to heal. The continued exposure or activity often causes the symptoms to worsen and worsen until the injured worker can no longer stand the pain, the medications no longer mask the pain, and the injured worker simply can no longer do his job.

A common scenario at this point is that


Workers know that they are working hard and long but don't realize that the aches and pains that they are experiencing may constitute a work injury. Any time you have aches and pains which you believe were caused or aggravated by heavy work or excessive hours and overuse of your body parts, contact us. In order to prove that you have an industrial injury, a doctor must opine that the heavy work you perform caused the symptoms that you are having. 

It's important to get your case started correctly from the outset, but whatever stage you're at, we are here to help you obtain the benefits to which you are entitled and which you deserve. 

We are here to help you. Call us at 1-800-666-6666 for an appointment for a free consultation.

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