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All Workers Compensation Injuries

Have you suffered a workers compensation injury or an injury on the job?

      We are strong and dominant workers compensation attorneys and are here to help you.

Workers Compensation Participants:

When you suffer a workers compensation injury, your employer becomes liable to you for benefits and medical treatment which you may need to help in your recovery.  The workers compensation system involves many participants each trying to protect the interests which they represent. Some of the people/entities involved are you, your workers compensation attorney, your employer, your employer's workers compensation insurance company, the workers compensation insurance company's attorney, the MPN medical provider networks, the PQMEs the panel qualified medical examiners, often state disability, sometimes social security, and sometimes CMS Centers for Medicare Services, etc.  There are many.


Claims Process

Along with all the "people" involved in your workers compensation case, there are many procedures and claims processes that will affect your workers compensation case and the workers compensation benefits you receive.  It is important to have an experienced and strong attorney on your side fighting for your benefits and leading you through the various processes and procedures which must be done to maximize your benefits.

Shandler & Associates

Shandler & Associates has been diligently securing workers compensation benefits for our clients since 1982. 

All Types of Workers Compensation Injuries

Shandler & Associates considers and accepts all kinds of workers compensation injuries. Your work injury does not need to be admitted. The types of cases we handle vary from traumatic brain injury cases to aggravations of diabetes to crush toe injuries.

Orthopedic Injuries

Workers compensation orthopedic injuries are the usual types of injuries when we think of injuries:  These body parts could be injured suddenly in an accident or over a period of time as they gradually worsen until the injured worker can not "deal with" the pain any longer.

>  Back work injury                     >  Knee work injury                          >  Shoulder work injury

>  Wrist work injury                    >  Neck work injury                          >  Hip work injury

>  Foot work injury                      >  Elbow work injury                       >  Ankle work injury

>  Sacrum work injury                 > Hand work injury                          >  Finger work injury

>  Leg work injury                       >  Arm work injury                          > Plantar fasciitis work injury

Psychiatric Injuries and Neurological Injuries

Workers compensation psychiatric injuries can be emotional injuries, personality disorders, mental illness or cognitive disorders and can come from a variety of sources and manifest in a variety of ways.  The can result from:

> Sexual harassment  work injury         >  Verbal abuse work injury                >  Workplace harassment 

> Overwork work injury                       >  Brain injury                                     >  Closed head trauma

> Discrimination  work injury              >  Depressive work injury                   >  Panic Attack work injury

> Post Traumatic Stress Disorder         >  PTSD work injury                            >  Pain medicine addiction

> Drug Addiction work injury              >  Alcohol Abuse  work injury            >  Sleep Disorder work injury

> Anxiety work injury                          >  Anger management injury               >  Emotional symptoms of pain

> Inability to perform regular duites    > Inability to participate socially         > Inability to concentrate

>  Cognitive deficiencies                      > Mood swings                                    > Lack of concentration / focus

Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurological Injuries

Workers compensation traumatic brain injuries are often not apparent at first. As time goes by more and more symptoms may manifest themselves. Any injured worker who has hit their head or suffered a suddent jolt motion of their neck or back should be watching for any of these symptoms:

>  Mood changes                                       >  Anger                                            >  Fatigue

>  Headaches                                             >   Speech difficulties                       >  Cognitive difficulties

>  Ringing in your ears                             >  Amnesia                                        >  Memory Loss

>  Loss of Concentration                          >  Weakness                                      >  Insomnia

>  Paranoia                                                >  Confusion                                     >  Isolationism

>  Lack of Appetite                                   >  Self mutilation                             >  Suicidal

>  Open head / closed head trauma           >  Trouble managing life skills        > Inappropriate actions

>  Inappropriate responses                        >  Chemical/ Toxic Exposures         >  Infections

>  Poor judgment                                      >  Slowed thinking                           >  Seizures

It's important to get appropriate and regular treatment to maximize recovery in the first year or so. Some injured workers will not "like" the treatment protocol, but is is important that the injured worker be persistent and diligent in their cimpliance with treatment. 

Internal  Injuries

Workers compensation  internal injuries are often gradual injuries and often aggravations of pre-existing milder medical conditions. Some internal injuries occur suddenly in an accident.


>  Puncture wound work injury              >  Crushed lungs                           > Appenditis

>  Gastrointestinal work injury              >  Breathing difficulties                > Heart Palpitations

>  High Blood Pressure                          >  Aggravation of Diabetes           > Heart Attack

>   Stroke                                                >  Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT    > Irritable Bowel Syndrome

>  Aggravation of Liver Disease            >  Aggravation of Kidney Ds        > Internal Bleeding

>  Ulcers                                                 >  Asthma work injury                  > Reactive Airway Disease

>  HIV Needle Pricks                             > Contagious Diseases                  > Hernias


If you need help, Shandler & Associates is here to help you. Call 1-800-666-6666 for an appointment for a free consultation.

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