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Settlement of Future Workers Compensation Medical Awards

Have you resolved a previous workers compensation by Trial or Stipulations with Request for Award?

                             If so, then we may be able to help you settle your right to future medical

                              treatment for that injury. 

If you have had a previous workers compensation case, you may have resolved your case by either proceeding to Trial or by an out of court settlement leaving your future medical treatment for that injury open and at the insurance company's expense.  You may or may not be currently using your award of future medical treatment through your workers compensation case.  Your circumstances may have changed since the settlement of your previous workers compensation case.  If you are no longer interested in having open future medical care for that previous injury, Shandler & Associates can evaluate your current situation and we may be able to help you settle your future medical for a lump sum payment. 

If you are interested in settling your future medical treatment,

       please call Shandler & Associates at 1-800-666-6666 for an appointment for a free consultation. 

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