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Delayed Claim 

Have you made a claim that has been delayed?

                                 You need a dedicated attorney fighting for you.

A delayed claim means that the workers compensation insurance company has received your claim, but has not yet investigated it fully to either admit it or deny it. In Shandler & Associates' experience, it is seldom that a workers compensation insurance company admits a case after delaying it. The workers compensation insurance company usually denies a claim after they have delayed it.  If the workers compensation carrier has delayed your case, then you need a strong attorney to fight for your rights and benefits.

The workers compensation attorneys at Shandler & Associates have been fighting for injured workers since 1982.  The work injury attorneys at Shandler & Associates work hard and are dedicated to obtaining the benefits our clients need and deserve. 

There are many reasons the insurance company can use to delay your case. During the period of delay, the injured worker may not receive any monetary benefits but may receive medical benefits. 

You will need an attorney for your work injury that can establish that the injury occurred and was work related, then you need Shandler & Associates.  We are here to help you. Call 1-800-666-6666 for an appointment for a free consultation. 

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